Zao Nail Varnish Gift Box

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Nail Polish, White French

Organic water-based nail polishes chip and flake very easily,  Zao has devised a nail polish that enjoys the quality of traditional nail polishes but without the toxic chemicals, resulting in an effective and long-lasting nail polish that does not compromise your health.

Nail Polish, Pink French

Zao nail polish doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients and is bursting with silica, made from bamboo oil.

Nail Polish Hardener

I use the hardener at least once a week as part of my nail care routine. It has really helped strengthen my nails due to the silica.

I you are struggling to grow your nails or suffer from brittle nails, this will aid getting your nails in stronger shape.

Glass Nail File

Zao-branded Glass Nail File cares for your nails and the environment. Glass nail files don’t wear out like emery boards, are kinder to the environment, are superior for ‘sealing’ nails, prevent chipping, splitting and peeling with regular use and are easy to clean and sterilise.

Nail Polish Remover

In order to offer you ever more qualitative products, ZAO is constantly working on their improvement. For this reason, Zao Nail Polish Remover has a new formula with a new glass and bamboo bottle. Zao Nail Polish Remover is formulated without acetone and ethyl acetate. Its 100% natural formula, vegan and certified organic by Eocert’s Cosmos label, gently removes nail polish without drying skin or damaging nails. 100ml