Zao Mirror Gift Set

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Zao make up brand is definitely the best when it comes to choosing eco alternatives. The quality of their products is undeniable.


The nourishing formula which includes aloe vera, castor oil and shea butter glides on perfectly with the structured brush wand.

100 % natural ingredients and free from any synthetic preservatives, reducing any risk of infection including redness and irritation.

Refillable, reducing your plastic waste. Housed in a beautiful bamboo case which comes in a  cute bamboo pouch with drawstring.


Zao Felt Tip Eyeliner has been designed to make the applying process a whole lot easier, even for those who struggle to get that perfect wing!

Eyebrow Powder

All Zao products are completely free from synthetic preservatives like parabens. Micronised silver is a non toxic preservative that is safe an effective.

Cosmetics need preservatives so they do not go bad and spoil, a preservative will fight against mold and bacteria.

All packaged in an attractive bamboo case, house in a drawstring bamboo pouch, this would make a truly amazing gift.

Lip Gloss, Nude

Zao, vegan lip gloss is an instant way to add an instant bit of glam.

It’s light, with an amazing glossy finish without being sticky.

Easy to apply with a sponge applicator.

A great size for a night out, slip it into a handbag, purse or your pocket.


A mirror on the go that is not incased in plastic – just awesome! Stylish with a magnetic closure, opens out to not just one mirror but to – one on each side. All packaged in a hard wearing bamboo case.