Glass Nail File

by Zao


  • Kind to your nails.
  • Long lasting & durable.
  • Protects nails, sealing the nail edge.
  • Easy to clean & sterilise.
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Zao-branded Glass Nail File cares for your nails and the environment. Glass nail files don’t wear out like emery boards, are kinder to the environment, are superior for ‘sealing’ nails, prevent chipping, splitting and peeling with regular use and are easy to clean and sterilise.

Size 13.5 cm long x 2 cm wide x 0.2 cm thickness


About Zao

Co founder, David Reccole is very passionate about Asian countries, much of his inspiration coming from his travels to India, Vietnam and China.

Upon one of his travels he was visiting a Taiwanese friend who presented him with a bamboo mechanical pencil and a bamboo pen. A brainwave soon followed, if it is possible to make a pen surely the same concept can be used to create lipsticks and other packaging specifically for make up.

In 2012 David Reccole, and 2 of his friends, Philippe Donnat and Yvan Rouvier decided to develop an organic make up brand.

Taking their deep values, their love of nature and awareness of our consumption on the environment, Zao was born. The only make brand that is 100% natural and certified organic by Ecocert.

Bamboo was their first choice of material to use when it come to their brands packaging, a natural carbon storer with an exceptional growth rate, it allows Zao products to display a reduced carbon footprint.

Not satisfied with using bamboo for just their packaging they also incorporate formulas in the form of sap
powder, leaf hydrosol or bamboo rhizome macerate within certain Zao products.

Rich in silica, naturally present and produced in the body, it participates in the process of producing collagen, helping preserve the elasticity of skin tissue.

Whilst some packaging is not 100% plastic free, Zao make up may not be perfect but it is the next best thing on the UK market!



To file a nail, file in one direction.

Do not file back and forth, this can split nails leaving them weak and brittle.