Lavender & Apricot Glycolic Cleansing Cream


  • Its an exfoliator without any abrasive ingredients, great if other scrubs are too harsh for your skin.
  • Great for all skin types, especially for sensitive.
  • Glycolic acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane.
  • Easy product to introduce into your weekly skin routine.
  • Skin really does feel smoother and brighter after use
  • Hand made in Scotland
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The White Rabbit Cleansing Cream contains Glycolic Acid which can be used in regular skincare routines, and even by sensitive skins, without causing any irritation.

It brings rejuvenating benefits to your skincare routine, and it’s botanical properties help treat skin conditions including psoriasis, Melasma and Seborrheic Keratosis.

By removing dead skin cells it reveals brighter, smoother, fresher skin, and is often used to treat scarring, skin discolouration and signs of ageing.

It also helps transfer water molecules from the air to skin tissue, replenishing any lost moisture, and studies have shown that regular use of Glycolic Acid skincare products assists with boosting collagen production, which is brilliant for plumping up the skin: collagen is a vital structural protein, helping the skin remain firm and resist wrinkling.



Melanie White Rabbit Skincare in April 2014 after being diagnosed with the skin condition psoriasis.

I had researched into traditional treatments for such skin conditions, and was horrified to discover that not only does your skin absorb up to 60% of what you put onto it into your blood stream – and so your health can be affected long term – but the majority of products on the market were full of irritants and synthetic ingredients.

So I set out to create a range of skincare products that not only I could trust, but others could too, and help you feel confident in your own skin again.

We believe in harnessing the therapeutic aspect of essential oils, base oils, butters and waxes in each of our products help to nourish and nurture your skin – that’s what we call plant power!


Massage into skin and leave for up to 3 minutes.

Wash hands immediately after application.


A slight tingling sensation may be experienced.

Rinse well with cold water to remove, and gently pat skin dry.

Use 1-2 times a week.


Lavender Floral Water, Deionised Water, Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Emulsifier M, Konjac Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, AHA fruit acids (3% concentration), Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate, Dehydroacetic Acid & Benzyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil, Geraniol, Citronellol, Farnesol, Linalool, Eugenol, Citral (Potential Allergens from Essential Oil)


Aluminium bottle with PET pump lid or aluminium screw cap.