Upcircle Safety Razor


  • Unisex safety razor.
  • Achieve the ultimate closest shave.
  • Save money! Potentially save £163 per year.
  • 100% plastic free including packaging.
  • Comes with 2 free blades.
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Safety razors are incredible once you get over the fear and start mastering the technique!

Why make the switch?

You will experience a much closer shave than using a plastic razor. The double edge razor is sharper than multi bladed cartridges.

Want to save some money? replacement blades cost as little as 20 pence each.

If you suffer shaving rash or skin irritations, make the switch sooner rather than later. When shaving we need to lubricate the area, multi bladed cartridges will use the first blade, removing any lubricant the following blades are then pulled over naked skin, this will ultimately lead to rashes and ingrowing hairs.

I’ll be very honest, it will take a few attempts to get used to your new safety razor – see how to use for me info! The Upcircle safety razor is perfect for beginners!



Upcircle have done phenomenally well over the last 5 years, they have taken eco skincare to another level. I have followed them for a number of years and watched their business grow from strength to strength.

Meet William & Anna the brother and sister team who launched Upcircle in 2015 or Optiat as it was formally known.

After a conversation about used coffee grounds they realised just how much was going to landfill, this prompted to do something about it!

Wanting to repurpose those coffee grounds they started collecting them from just one London coffee shop, as they have grown so has the number of coffee houses they now collect from!

Each product in the Upcircle range has been rescued or repurposed from other industries, it’s recycling at its finest!


The 2 most important things to know about using a safety razor – do not use any pressure and use the correct angle.

You only only need to hold the razor with your thumb and fingertips. The blade needs to touch your skin at a 30 degree angle.

Glide the razor over your skin, using slow strokes. If you are shaving your legs take extra care around your ankles and knees. Try not to go over the same area more than once.

As you get more comfortable over time you can quicken your stroke.

Top tip

Invest in a blade box to keep all used blades. Once full, seal and put in your recycling.


Housed in a cardboard box.