Organic Muslin Cloths, Pack of 2


  • All natural cloth, no bleach or chemicals.
  • Perfect for removing cleanser, masks and scrubs.
  • Hand made in India.
  • Lightweight and machine washable.
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Two beautifully hand woven organic muslin cloths made from cotton and bamboo, wrapped in a pretty Upcircle ribbon.

Produced by an all female co-operative in Kerala, India, the muslin is natural, lightweight and machine washable.

A perfect partner in crime to use with Upclircle cleansing balm or any cleanser for that matter. Just dampen the cloth with warm water or use as a hot cloth. Submerge in your desired water temperature, rinse and cover your face until the cloth cools removing any excess product

Gentle and soft making it a perfect cloth to use on your face.

Approx 30cm x 30cm – sizes may vary slightly.




Upcircle have done phenomenally well over the last 5 years, they have taken eco skincare to another level. I have followed them for a number of years and watched their business grow from strength to strength.

Meet William & Anna the brother and sister team who launched Upcircle in 2015 or Optiat as it was formally known.

After a conversation about used coffee grounds they realised just how much was going to landfill, this prompted to do something about it!

Wanting to repurpose those coffee grounds they started collecting them from just one London coffee shop, as they have grown so has the number of coffee houses they now collect from!

Each product in the Upcircle range has been rescued or repurposed from other industries, it’s recycling at its finest!


Dampen cloth in either warm or hot water, cover face and leave for a few minutes or until the cloth cools. Wipe away any excess product.

Perfect for removing cleansing balms, masks or scrubs.


Bamboo & Cotton.


No Unnecessary packaging, just a simple bow!