Bamboo Toothbrush, Medium in Pink


  • Truthbrush offset their carbon footprint with every delivery
  • Plastic free, biodegradable handle.
  • Vegan bristles.
  • Sustainable moso bamboo.
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Introducing the award winning Truthbrush! I never thought I would be able to give up my electric toothbrush until my dentist pointed out I was damaging my teeth because I was brushing too hard. Switching over to a bamboo toothbrush did take a bit of getting used too. For me it was the wooden texture, which I quickly got over! Apart from that my teeth felt as fresh and clean as they did when using an electric toothbrush.

My favourite part of the Truthbrush is the painted dipped ends, this saves any confusion over whos is whos! Although this isn’t the only reason, the painted ends actually prevent any mould forming if left in wet toothbruch holders!

Random Fact,

The first ever toothbrush was made in China out of animal bone!


Catherine and Catherine are the experts behind Truthbrush! Combining their skills as a hospital doctor and a fashion buyer they designed an eco friendly toothbrush.

Truthbrushes are made in China, the natural habitat for bamboo known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Of course this creates a carbon footprint, which both Catherines offset both from China and to us!

And don’t worry, no pandas will starve as the bamboo used is moso bamboo, a type of bamboo pandas simply don’t like!

Did we mention they are award winners? A well deserved first prize at the Eco Excellence and Veggie awards, round of applause please!


We advise changing your toothbrush every 3 months, this is just a guideline. At the end of your Truthbrushes life you can dispose in your normal waste bin. Over time all but the bristles will biodegrade.

Why not repurpose with a few of our ideas, use to clean those fiddly, hard to reach places or remove bristles and use as a plant cane.


Currently there are no plastic free option when it comes to bristles, the only alternative is to use animal hair which in our eyes is not ethical. Truthbrush are constantly researching for alternatives, until they find a solution the castor oil and nylon mix is a much better option than plastic.

Handle, Moso bamboo. Bristles, 62% Castor bean oil 38% Nylon.


Each Truthbrush is hand packed in tissue paper and will arrive in a pillow box, all recyclable.