Bamboo Toothbrush Case


  • Truthbrush offset their carbon footprint with every delivery
  • Plastic free and biodegradable.
  • Sustainable moso bamboo.
  • Strong and well made.
  • Built to last.
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How cute is this polished bamboo travel case?, a charming accessory for your bamboo Truthbrush! If like me you like to travel you definitely need one of these. There is nothing worse than packing your toothbrush naked in a toiletries bag only to find it covered in debris and bits of fluff. This case will keep it safe and free from germs and bacteria!


Catherine and Catherine are the experts behind Truthbrush! Combining their skills as a hospital doctor and a fashion buyer they designed an eco friendly toothbrush.

Truthbrushes are made in China, the natural habitat for bamboo known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Of course this creates a carbon footprint, which both Catherines offset both from China and to us!

And don’t worry, no pandas will starve as the bamboo used is moso bamboo, a type of bamboo pandas simply don’t like!

Did we mention they are award winners? A well deserved first prize at the Eco Excellence and Veggie awards, round of applause please!


A perfect accessory for your bamboo Truthbrush.


Currently there are no plastic free option when it comes to bristles, the only alternative is to use animal hair which in our eyes is not ethical. Truthbrush are constantly researching for alternatives, until they find a solution the castor oil and nylon mix is a much better option than plastic.

Handle, Moso bamboo. Bristles, 62% Castor bean oil 38% Nylon.


Each Truthbrush case comes naked with no packaging.