Eco Laundry Strip, Baby


  • Tru earth eco laundry strips are 100% Plastic Free, Zero Waste
  • No more wasted space in your cupboards
  • Removes the toughest stains
  • No more measuring or mess from liquids & powders
  • 94% less transportation pollution
  • Paraben-free, Phosphate-free, Free of added dye, Free of chlorine bleach
  • Hypoallergenic, certified by independent dermatologists
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Mind Blown – what a game changer!

There are so many positives to switch to Tru Earth Laundry Eco Strips.

They are so compact you can just store them in a draw.

The linen fragrance smells so natural and fresh. Perfect for the whole family, hypo allergenic without any chemicals, safe to use on your babies teeny, tiny clothes.

Stats suggest 70% of plastic bottles used for liquid detergent do not make it to recycling.

Instead they end up in landfill, where they will stay for hundres of years.

Tru Earth laundry strips come in a fully compostable cardboard box.

However the most impressive reason to switch is they use 94% less transport emissions compared to todays leading detergent.

If that wasn’t enough, they smell amazing.




Ryan McKenzie, Brad Liski and Kevin Hinton are the co founders behind Tru Earth Laundry Strips.

After watching youtube with his young children, Ryan noticed how much plastic was featured in these shows.

Whilst he is not a hardcore environmentalist, he does care how the planet is left for his children.

It was a family friend who had a patent on an eco friendly detergent, he took the idea to Brad and Kevin.

After testing the product, they realised how good the product worked and decided to invest.

It became clear that just like each of us, many people want to make better consumer choices to help the environment, but simply don’t know how to.

Many also feel skeptical about environmental products, but would buy them if they actually work.

Because of these two desires from the people, our company was born.

Within 9 months we serve 40,000 people in 19 countries… and the planet!


Detach a strip, place strip in the washing machine drum, add clothes and start washing machine



Vegetable Glycerin: plant-derived softener, Starch: plant-derived biodegradability booster, PVA: biodegradable supporting matrix, Potassium Sorbate: Food grade preservative, Light Mineral Oil: Used in manufacturing as a processing aid. (not an active product ingredient), Cocamido propyl betaine: coconut oil based, biodegradable amphoteric surfactant (cleaning agent) and foam booster, Sodium Gluconate: plant-derived and food-grade, biodegradable water softener that prevents soil from resettling on fabric after it has been removed during washing,Lauryl dimethyl amine oxide: plant-derived, biodegradable non-ionic surfactant (cleaning agent) and foam stabilizer, Sulfonic acids, C14-16-alkane hydroxy and C14-16-alkene, sodium salts: biodegradable surfactant (cleaning agent), Glycereth cocoate: plant derived and food grade, biodegradable water softener, Caprylyl Glucoside, Octyl Glucoside: non-ionic surfactants (cleaning agents), Fragrance oil blend (not used in Fragrance Free): natural essential oils and synthetic ingredients, Residual Water


100% plastic free, recyclable cardboard