Organic Exfoliating Glove


  • Purchasing a Toockies product helps communities in India.
  • Fairtrade womans project.
  • Handmade product.
  • 100% GOTS certified cotton.
  • Plastic free
  • Compostable & biodegradable.
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This organic, exfoliation glove is perfect for anyone who may find body scrubs to harsh for their skin. Gently exfoliate with this hand knitted glove to remove dead skin from your face and body. The glove is ideal to pre skin for fake tanning leaving your skin silky smooth.

A great swap to avoid microplastics, plastic packaging and those awful plastic puffs. Hand made in India using raw, GOTS certified organic cotton. The material is untreated so will compost or biodegrade after use.

Care Instructions

Machine washable up to 90C


20cm long x 10cm wide


About Toockies by Lavinia

We absolutely love the concept of Toockies, the products are hand made in Kolkata, India by a fabulous group of woman.

The woman are taught how to knit and encouraged to take a roll of yarn home, each week they bring back their finished products to be quality checked.

A doctor is also present who offers a free check up for both mother and children.

Each item includes a handwritten name sewn into it so you know who has hand crafted your product.

All cotton used is 100% raw organic and GOTS certified.

Supporting the fairtrade project ensures each woman is paid a fair wage and good working conditions provided ensuring they can thrive and support their communities and families.


Place your hand in the glove. Dampen with water and soap. Use circular movements and gently scrub.


100% GOTS certified cotton.