Reusable Face Masks


  • Breathable natural cotton material.
  • My prints are beautiful.
  • Comfortable and fitting for most sized faces.
  • Reusable and environmentally friendly.
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Reusable face masks are a much better option than their single use plastic counterparts!

It has been estimated that plastic masks will take up to 450 years to breakdown and decompose, these types of mask are specifically for medical staff.

The masks are designed to be worn once and disposed of, this will have a huge impact on our environment in years to come.

The best way we can help the environment and wildlife is to invest in a few reusable masks that ca be washed at the end of each day then reused.

Tabitha Eve, reusable face masks are made from cotton with a double layered pocket where you can add your own filter.

The elastic has been designed to fit around your head rather than around your ears which can become sore after long periods of use.

Suitable for machine wash but do not tumble dry.

PLEASE NOTE – these are not N95 compliant and are not for medical use. These masks are for home use only and should be used in line with the guidance from World Health Organisation or your countries own health guidelines.


About Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve believes in being kinder to the planet on which we live.

Debbie, our founder, started her own personal war against wastefulness and plastic pollution when travelling and diving the seas of Borneo.

Confronted by a plastic island that was home to the precious sea life she had travelled so far to seek out she vowed to try and do her bit.

She created products to replace her disposable kitchen ware, and soon others were asking for some in order to help them do their bit too… and so Tabitha Eve was born, creating plastic free alternative products, from ethically sourced fabrics.


100% Cotton & elastic.