Reusable Silicone Ziplock Pouch

by Midz


  • Helps cut back on single use plastics
  • Sustainable, reusable and made to last.
  • Food grade silicone.
  • Freezer safe -30 degrees
  • Heat resisitant 230 degrees
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Reusable silicone ziplock bags are incredible for so many reasons. Designed to replace single use plastic sandwich and freezer bags these bags are made to last and the best thing is you can use them over & over again.

Each bag is airtight and leak proof keeping your food fresher for even longer. Each bag is robust enough to stand alone making them very convenient to store. You can even store liquids including stock and sauces.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, however I would avoid the dishwasher as it dulls the silicone. They last much longer if you hand wash them.

4 sizes to choose from, each bag has 3 different metric measurements including cup, ml and fl oz.

Top tip, if you have stored foods like with rich sauces or curry and t he bags have stained just turn inside out and soak in very hot water, add some vinegar. Add some baking soda to a sponge and scrub clean. You may need to repeat the process.


Remove the slider, open the bag and add your chosen food. To close push the slider to the direction of the arrow featured on both the slider and bag.


Food grade silicone.