Silicone food lids, Variety of 6 sizes


  • Heat and frost resistant.
  • 6 different sizes.
  • Fits over most shaped surfaces.
  • Airtight & leakproof.
  • Family run business.
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Are you ready to join the re-usable revolution? If so, Fresh Thinking Co Silicone food lids are the ultimate kitchen must have.
How much money are you wasting on cling film per year? How much wasted single use plastics aren’t being recycled and end up in the oceans – I bet it’s alot!

They might be round but they will stretch over most shaped surfaces.

Made from food-safe, sand-derived silicone (NO plastics)
Lids that put your cling wrap to shame.
Heat safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe food covers
Airtight, leak-proof seal, (just make sure whatever you’re stretching it over is dry)
Silicone storage covers work with hot food

Care instructions

Wash before first use with warm soapy water
The Stretch lids are dishwasher safe
Avoid any abrasive cleaners or scrubbing brushes so the silicone doesn’t get scratched
For any stains, soak in a solution of baking soda
To dry, wipe out with a towel or keep them open over a jar or rack
Avoid washing alongside anything sharp to prevent any holes
Ensure they are completely dry before nesting them back inside each other
You get 6 different sizes per pack

2.6″ or 66mm – will stretch to 3.5″ or 89mm

3.8″ or 97mm – will stretch to 5″ or 127mm

4.5″ or 114mm – will stretch to 6″ or 152mm

5.7″ or 115mm – will stretch to 8″ or 203mm

6.5″ or 165mm – will stretch to 9″ or 229mm

8.3″ or 211mm – will stretch to 10″ or 254mm


About Fresh Thinking Co

Meet Sophie & Dan! In 2019, they welcomed their baby girl Ruby into the world. After Their first walk on the beaches of Prestatyn, North Wales they saw a scary amount of plastic being washed onto the beach. Sophie and Dan decided to do something about it! In 2020, they invested all our savings into Fresh Thinking Co, an Eco business selling products to tackle the use of single use plastics in the kitchen and home. I love the fact they are a family business with big hopes for Ruby’s future.


Ensure the surface where the silicone is touching is clean and dry and free of oil

Simply stretch lid over bowl, ensuring that the coverage is even on each side

The silicone need something to stick to, just as plastic Cling film sticks to itself, or sticks to another clean dry surface.

If used correctly you can stack reusable stretch lid bowls on top of each other, a great way to store leftovers and save space.


Food safe silicone.


Comes in a brown paper bag, recyclable.