Shade All Natural Sunscreen SPF25, 100ml


  • Shade All Natural Sunscreen SPF25 is 100% plastic free.
  • Suitable for all ages and skin types.
  • Zero waste packaging, can be reused after use.
  • SPF 25.
  • Award winners, 5 years in a row.
  • Certified Soil Organic Association ingredients.
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This plastic free tin of goodness is packed full of just 4 natural ingredients. Shade All Natural Sunscreen SPF25 is suitable for all ages and skin types including your small plastic free warriors. Whilst our bodies need vitamin D we also need to protect ourselves, Shade reflects 96% of harmful rays.

Remember to reapply regularly to avoid burnt skin, wear a hat and stay hydrated if in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

But how does Sun Protection Factor (SPF) work?

The 25 in SPF means you can approximately stay in the sun 25 times longer than you would without any protection. You can work out the efficiency percentage by how many times 25 goes in to 100. SPF25 would equal 4. Minus this number from 100. Equals 96% protection. You can use this formula for all SPF’s.

Shelf life 3 years, use within 12 months once opened.


In June 2014 Tania Wedin, Founder and Managing Director of Not the Norm felt frustrated with the lack of all natural suncreams on the market. After some research she come up with a basic but effective cream for her daughter.

Using just 4 ingredients to moisturise and protect skin from a spectrum of damaging UVA and UVB rays, shade is SPF 25. Like many parents Tania wanted to avoid dangerous chemicals and irritants.

6 years later, Shade has sold exceptionally well through her shop Not The Norm, with over 300 retailers throughout the UK and Europe. Shade regularly features in magazines and blogs having won an array of awards including The Green Parent Awards and The Janey Loves Awards.


Shade All Natural Sunscreen SPF25 is thick and balmy, if it is solid, rub vigorously with warm fingers or scoop a small amount from the tin a warm between your hands.

Apply generously, reapply regularly, particularly if you are in and out of the water.


Organic Unrefined Shea Butter 36% (Butyrospernum parkii), Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 36% (Cocos nucifera), Cosmetic grade non-nano zinc oxide 18% (ZnO), Premium pure unrefined beeswax 9% (Cera alba). This product is not tested for water resistance.

Stability testing, microbiology testing, broad spectrum sunscreen testing of effectiveness against UVA & UVB rays, and SPF validation tests. All tests conducted to EU standards by Alba Science of Edinburgh.

ISO24443 In vitro Broad Spectrum Protection.
ISO 24444 In vivo with 13 live subjects. A Cosmetic Study to Determine the In-Vivo Sun Protection Factor of a Sunscreen Formulation.
Cosmetic Product Safety Data Analysis, conducted by Luciano Molinaro BSc Forensic Science & Investigative Analysis (Hons) (Kingston University), Forensic Chemistry and Trace Analysis, Analytical Methods in Forensic Science (Kingston University).
Accelerated Stability Test


Aluminium tin. Fully recyclable, big enough to repurpose.