Glass Pantry Jars

by Midz
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Are you looking to create the perfect pantry?

Our sealable glass jars are beautifully made from borosilicate glass and acacia wood. borosilicate glass is highly durable and much stronger than normal glass.

The acacia wooden lids are something else, each one has their own unique grain, no two are the same. The lids are fitted with a silicone seal, making the jars airtight and ideal for storing dry food. The silicone is food grade.

Store pasta, cereals, pulses and much more, keep them on display in your fabulous kitchen. On work tops or shelves they will definitely make a great addition.


350 ml - 9cm wide x 10cm tall

650ml - 9cm wide x 15cm tall

950ml - 9cm wide x 20cm tall

1550ml - 9cm wide x 30cm tall


Borosilicate glass, food grade silicone and acacia wood.