Rose Gold Stainless Steel Safety Razor


  • I come with 10 free blades.
  • I look pretty in rose gold.
  • I’m made from stainless steel and made to last.
  • Always dry me after every use.
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We are so pleased to add the Zero Waste Club safety razor to our growing range! I was petrified of making the switch at first but I’m so glad I did! It has cut down my plastic waste and saved me a lot of money. You will also get a much closer shave. I love the rose gold colour. Watch the video to see how easy it is to change the blades. We sell replacement blades.

Top Tip – take your time when you first start using a safety razor, you really don’t need to apply a lot of pressure. The razors are stainless steel and quite weighty just rest the razor on your skin and glide.


Meet Rishi and Pawan, the Co Founders of Zero Waste Club. The two friends wanted to create beautiful, eco products whilst being ethical and transparent. Many of the materials they use, like moso bamboo originates from China. This is also where the factories are that produce their products, they ensure that all staff are paid above the minimum wage and no plastics are used in production.


Make sure your blades are not blunt, change after 7-10 uses. Use a shaving soap bar to lather the skin. Holding the razor with your finger tips, rest the razor on your skin and glide across the area. Do not apply too much pressure. Dry after every use.


Stainless steel.

Fully recyclable.


100% plastic-free.

Comes in a 100% recycled unbleached Kraft box, printed with Soy Ink, which is 100% recyclable.