Razor Blade Disposal Tin


  • 100% Plastic Free.
  • 1 tree planed with every purchase.
  • Ethically & sustainably sourced.
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If you have already made the switch to a safety razor this razor blade disposal tin is ideal to store your used blades for recycling.

For obvious safety reasons it is not a good idea to put used blades directly into recycling. Made from quality steel, the tin will hold 100 used blades. Once you are ready to dispose of a used blade, post it through the slit. When the tin is full tape up the slit and dispose in your recycling bin.

Made ethically and sustainably in China. Please note all workers at the factory are paid above the minimum wage of 2100 RMB. The lowest salary paid at the production factory based in Guangdong is 2200 RMB. Makers work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week including holidays.

Dimensions W 64mm x H 64mm x D 45mm | Blade Slot: 2mm x 55mm 


Meet Rishi and Pawan, the Co Founders of Zero Waste Club. The two friends wanted to create beautiful, eco products whilst being ethical and transparent. Many of the materials they use, like moso bamboo originates from China. This is also where the factories are that produce their products, they ensure that all staff are paid above the minimum wage and no plastics are used in production.


Stainless steel.


100% plastic free.