Organic Marseille Dish Soap Bar

by Midz


  • Multi purpose soap bar, use on skin, washing up and household cleaning.
  • Natural ingredients, palm oil free.
  • Plastic free, no packaging.
  • 300g soap bar.
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I stopped using washing up liquid when I discovered this soap bar!

It looks so pretty, you almost don’t want to use it and spoil its shape and pattern.

The soap bar is multi purpose, can be used as a dish soap, body & face soap, shaving soap, stain remover and general household cleaning.

Your plastic consumption will reduce considerably by making this swap.

The soap has been made in Marseilles, France for around 600 years and 100% natural containing just a four ingredients, olive and coconut oil, water and sea salt.

The combined ingredients are kind to skin and will help with various skin conditions due to its natural antibacterial properties.

The soap bar may appear white when dry, this is due to the salt content, once wet it will turn green again. 


If using on skin you can apply directly.

If you are using to wash dishes, take your cleaning utensil and rub it onto the soap, then lean the item. Make sure all soap it rinsed with warm water.


70% Organic Olive oil

30% Coconut oil


Sea salt (Mediterranean)