Cotton Reusable Make Up Rounds & Bag


  • Pack of 16.
  • I’m sustainable, reusable and natural.
  • Made ethically in India.
  • I come with a free wash bag.
  • Switch to me and you will save 100’s of wipes ending up in landfill.
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Zero Waste Club organic cotton make up rounds are truly an amazing find. Hand crafted in India, they have been made to last.

If you are using wipes or disposable cotton pads try ditching them for reusable make up rounds! They are  sustainable and such an easy swap that is great for the environment and your purse.

12 rounds are made with with Velour Organic Cotton making them extremely soft and gentle for face use. They are perfect for removing make up and impurities.

4 rounds are made with Terry Organic Cotton, a slightly rougher fabric perfect for a deeper clean and gentle exfloliation.

When your make up rounds need washing pop them in the free wash bag (100% cotton) and put them on a cool 30 wash. This will stop them getting lost and keep them all in place! I would avoid putting them in the tumble dryer.

Size: Pads approx 7.5cm diameter. Wash bag 18cm long x 15cm wide.

Transparency: Made in India ethically and sustainably. The makers are paid double the regional minimum wage.



Meet Rishi and Pawan, the Co Founders of Zero Waste Club. The two friends wanted to create beautiful, eco products whilst being ethical and transparent. Many of the materials they use, like moso bamboo originates from China. This is also where the factories are that produce their products, they ensure that all staff are paid above the minimum wage and no plastics are used in production.


Use to remove face and eye make up. Apply a cleanser to either your face or directly on to a make up round. I prefer to put the cleanser directly on to my face and let it sit for a minute, this will soften the make up and make it easier to remove.

Start with the centre of your face and wipe gently outwards. Avoid scrubbing especially around the eye area.

Ideally follow up with a toner and moisturiser.


Make up rounds 100% cotton.


Wash bag is 100% cotton.