Nut Milk Bag Organic Cotton

by Midz


  • Hand made
  • Certified GOTS organic cotton
  • Biodegradable & compostable 
  • Packaging envelope is reusable
  • Beautful gift idea
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Our very own Nut Milk Bag made from GOTS organic cotton is the perfect bag to make a variety of vegan milks including Almond, cashews and my favourite, oat.

Making your own milk can help reduce waste that comes with carton bought milks, ideal if you are striving for that zero waste kitchen.

Don't just limit yourself to milks our bags will also work for making home made juices. If you don't have a coffee machine you can use our bags as a filter, and lets not forget the making of cheese.

Each bag is hand crafted with no bottom seam, making it really easy to strain with no bits getting caught up in the seams. We use GOTS certified cotton that is soft, natural and biodegradable.

Every bag is carefully packed in to a brown cardboard envelope, the paper coin design with cotton string allows you to open and close the envelope repeatedly. The bags make a wonderful gift. 

Size 25cm x 30cm

Care Instructions

I would avoid putting in the washing machine to prevent shrinkage, if you do decide to put on a cold wash. We advise to rinse the bag out thoroughly, soak in warm soapy water. Rinse through and hang to dry.