Glass Water Bottle, Aqua


  • Neon Kactus is 100% Plastic free and recyclable.
  • 550 ml, reusable glass water bottle.
  • High quality borosilicate glass
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA Free, food grade silicone sleeve.
  • Leakproof bamboo lid.
  • Lightweight & long lasting
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Is this the prettiest water bottle you ever did see?

We have so many stainless steel water bottles in all shapes and sizes in our kitchen, I really don’t need another BUT I  will make an exception for one of the beautiful glass water bottles!

For a pure drinking experience made from the highest quality borosilicate glass, guaranteeing no chemicals will leech on to the glass.

The bottles are dishwasher safe but my personal recommendation is to hand wash them in warm soapy water and a bottle brush.

The bamboo and silicone will deteriorate a lot quicker if put it in the dishwasher.



Neil Tombs and Charlotte Gornall founded Neon Kactus in 2018. With over 20 years working in the food and drink industry and experiencing first-hand the environmental impact of single use plastic, they knew they had to create a positive change.Combining two of their great passions; their love for the planet and great tasting coffee, they embarked on this journey.

After trialling several reusable coffee cups they realised the solution was to design and make their own, to create a cup that mirrored the coffee shop experience with no compromise on taste.They knew it would be important to create a reusable cup that encapsulated, style, design and performance in order to encourage others to ditch the disposable.

The result was the Neon Kactus glass coffee cup. A modern and stylish product designed to mirror the convenience and drinking pleasure of the coffee shop and eradicate the need for single use cups.


Glass and silicone


100% recyclable cardboard box