Natural Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

by Midz
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Just how amazing are Natural Cotton Canvas Tote bags?

Made from 100% natural cotton canvas. Each bag is a perfect size to take to your zero waste refill shop instead of a plastic carrier bag.

Specifically designed with 7 separate compartments to keep food items separate making transport easy and unpacking even easier.

Each bag handle is long enough to carry the bag over your shoulder. Cotton canvas is an extremely strong fabric. The double seems ensure the bags are strong enough to carry your items without fear of rips or tears to the fabric.

I also use mine for beach days, the separate compartment design is great to keep your suncreams separate from your swimwear, mobile phone & keys. Towels fit perfectly into the large middle section.

Care Instructions

Machine wash on a cool or cold setting. We advise not to use a warm or hot setting as cotton canvas can shrink. 


40cm x 33cm x 19cm + 25cm handle


100% Cotton Canvas