Mini Safety Razor Set, Aloe Vera


  • The Mutiny mini safety razor box is eco friendly.
  • Vegan, Cruelty free.
  • Great gift set.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Smell so good.
  • Natural ingredients, no nasties.
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Our iconic Mutiny Safety razor Box has gone mini. A Mutiny Shaving Box without the synthetic brush. Still in its simple, understated, recyclable packaging only in a smaller package. It contains a traditional safety razor that will last you years and give a close smooth shave without the user suffering from razor burn or ingrowing hairs. Far better for your skin than disposable razors, better for your bank balance as replaceable blades are very inexpensive and so much better for the environment.

Also included is our handmade (using the traditional cold process) aloe vera shaving soap, created for sensitive skin, made entirely from 100% natural ingredients. This soap lathers up and smells beautiful with the beautiful soothing ability of Aloe vera and kaolin to add a smooth moisturising, cushioned layer to your shave. 100% natural, not tested on animals, no Parabens, no SLS, only natural, ethical ingredients. Each soap is hand cut so may differ slightly in shape

All sets come with 5 FREE recyclable razor blades to get you started. You’re welcome!



There is always another way to do things, there is always a choice and at Mutiny Shaving we are trying to give people the choice to shave in a different way. Some large corporations are filling our landfill sites with billions of plastic disposable razors and our oceans with plastic Microparticles, poisoning all aquatic life. We don’t do that!

Most major shave companies pack their shaving foams with toxic, unnatural chemicals in non recyclable containers and harmful plastic packaging. We don’t do that!

Some companies cram their razors with batteries, heated blades, roller balls and ‘lubricating strips’ so they can charge you the earth for something you don’t need. We don’t do that!

Mutiny Shaving is committed to providing a super-close shaving experience that produces zero plastic waste, is eco & vegan friendly, cruelty free, contains no harmful chemicals and retails at a significantly lower cost to both you and the planet.


You do not need to use alot of pressure with safety razors. Hold your skin taut in the opposite direction of the blade.

These razors are quite weighty, glide the razor over your face/body at a 30 degree angle. Take extra care around ankles and joints.

To replace the blade, hold the head still while you turn the handle counter clockwise.

Unscrew the handle all the way and pull apart the two parts of the head.

Carefully replace the blade, place the two parts of the head back together and then screw the handle back in clockwise until tight.

Make sure to put the two parts of the head together correctly before using.


Sodium cocoate

Sodium olivate

Aqua, Sodium

castorate, Kaolin (clay)

Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice.


Cardboard box. Everything fully recycle apart from the brush bristles. These must be removed.