Sandstone Nail File


  • 100% plastic free.
  • Durable, made to last.
  • Zero waste and sustainable.
  • Very effective and gentle on nails.
  • Can be used to smooth nails.
  • Use on dry cuticles.
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Is it time to ditch your emery board? I have and here’s why!

Firstly you are unable to sanitise an emery board and should dispose after each use to avoid fungal or nail infections – they then become a single use product that cannot be recycled due to the glue they use.

Secondly they are extremely harsh causing damage by ripping and tearing the tips of your nails.

The Lavinia sandstone nail file is handmade using 100% natural Orsa sandstone from Sweden. The unique stone is is over 360 million years old.

The natural grain is fine but effective making it a perfect material to file nails without causing damage. It’s also gentle enough to use on cuticles and to smooth any grooves on your nails.

Comes housed in a cute cork pouch easy for you to store in your handbag.


If you are looking at eliminating plastic from your bathroom, Lavinia and Toockies Fairtrade is a great brand to start your swaps!

Launched in Denmark by Mother and Daughter duo, Yvonne and Phenia they have gone to great lengths to minimise their impact on their environment.

Starting their own brand meant they were able to use 100% natural materials including sandstone and GOTS certified organic cotton to create completely plastic free products.


Use a side of the sandstone nail file. Use short strokes filing only one way. Do no not seesaw from side to side this will damage your nails.


100% Orsa sandstone.