Ingolf the Whale & Dagmar the turtle bath toy gift set


  • You will have so much fun with us.
  • I’m baby and planet friendly.
  • 100% plastic free including my packaging.
  • I’d make a lovely gift.
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Meet the charming Ingolf the whale & Dagmar the turtle, the perfect duo to make pool or bath time extra fun! Your little ones will have hours of excitement splashing around with their new found friends.

Both my boys love having these 2 join them at bath time, they are a great way to help explain the damage caused by plastic pollution entering our oceans. I always explain both these toys are made from 100% plant based material, rubber which comes from a tree – this usually prompts them to ask a whole tonne of questions!

The toys will stick to all smooth, slick surfaces, think the bottom or sides of your bath tub. Fill with water and let them squirt each other or you – this is definitely a favourite in our house.

Unlike other plastic or rubber toys, hevea bath toys have been made using a  brand new and innovative closing mechanism, which prevents any mould forming inside.

Makes a wonderful gift for boys and girls.


All I can say is I wish I knew about Hevea when my first son Hadley was a baby! I love everything their brand stands for.

When it comes to loving our planet Terese Hoffeldt has thought of everything to try and make all aspects of her brand as plastic free and environmentally friendly as possible.

Their promise is to only use natural rubber, Hevea is in fact the Latin name given to the rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. Natural rubber comes from the sap and the wood of the tree, which is biodegradable. The rubber tree grows straight and can reach heights of 75ft.

Being a truly sustainable company they are strong believers in reuse, upcycle and recycle. This starts in their offices right through to their products, they accept used pacifiers which are then used to make place mats and their peach, blue and mint coloured star balls.

All packaging has been FSC certified and all windows are from the only global supplier of 100% biodegradable film – so it is eco-friendly and sustainable too!



Only fill with water and no other liquid.

Dry after use.


100% natural rubber latex.


100% plastic free.

FSC registered.

Window, biodegradable film.