Round Bamboo Soap Dish


  • Made with natural bamboo.
  • Perfect for a zero waste, plastic free bathroom or kitchen.
  • Sustainable material.
  • Helps keep soap bars in one place.
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A bamboo soap dish is a must if you have made the switch from shower gels to soap bars !

There is nothing worse than your soap bar slipping and sliding around your bathroom. Your new soap dish will look amazing in your plastic free bathroom.

Multi use! can also be used for shampoo, conditioner and washing up bars.

The draining design will keep your soap from moving around and help dry it out after use, essential to prolong the life of your soap bar.

Size: 10cm x 8cm


Croll & Denecke is based in Bremen, Germany and was established many years ago in 1897 by Gustav Croll and Theodor Denecke.

The family run business is now led by Peter, Nina and Sara Hankiewicz, the third and fourth generation!

The company specializes in processing raw natural sponges from the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

It’s incredible that a centuries worth of knowledge in the natural sponge trade has been handed down through the family!

The company were a leading supplier throughout Europe but now sells it’s high quality natural products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Croll & Denecke are environmentally conscious using only sustainable raw material throughout their product line – that is why we are thrilled to stock their brand at MidzPlasticFree.


100% bamboo.


No packaging.