Facial Brush


  • Easy grip design.
  • Can be used on dry or wet skin.
  • Ideal for using with a cleanser.
  • Use to prepare face for a face mask.
  • 100% plastic free.
  • Made in Germany.
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If you are obsessed with skincare you are going to love the Croll & Denecke facial brush!

The brush will keep your cleanser company and be one of the best investments you make when it comes to your skincare.

The bristles are made sustainably using horses mane, so maybe unsuitable for Vegans, the bristles are therefore compostable unlike synthetic bristles often used for brushes alike.

Once you have massaged your chosen cleanser into your face, dampen the bristles with warm water and continue massaging the product using the brush.

The bristles will encourage blood circulation whilst deep cleansing your face by removing make up and impurities.

Our skin renews itself every 28 days, the Croll & Denecke brush will help speed up this process by removing dead skin cells to leave you with a brighter, clearer complexion.

Top tip

Do not use too much pressure, if your face is left red after use, you are applying too much force. This will have a detrimental effect on your skin as you could potentially strip out your natural oils and end up with dry skin.


Croll & Denecke is based in Bremen, Germany and was established many years ago in 1897 by Gustav Croll and Theodor Denecke.

The family run business is now led by Peter, Nina and Sara Hankiewicz, the third and fourth generation!

The company specializes in processing raw natural sponges from the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

It’s incredible that a centuries worth of knowledge in the natural sponge trade has been handed down through the family!

The company were a leading supplier throughout Europe but now sells it’s high quality natural products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Croll & Denecke are environmentally conscious using only sustainable raw material throughout their product line – that is why we are thrilled to stock their brand at MidzPlasticFree.


Use on dry or wet face.

Can be used with cleanser to help remove make up and impurities.

Dampen the bristles using warm water, use the brush using small circular movements around your face


Beech wood handle.

Horse mane bristles.