Wild Sage + Co Rose Skincare Gift Box

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Choose from a wonderful selection of Wild Sage + Co soap bars.

Soap Bar

Choose a soap bar to suit your skin type. The humble soap bar is one of the best swaps you will make for two reasons, one the amount of plastic you will save reaching landfill and secondly your contribution to a zero waste lifestyle. Unlike commercial soaps, Wild Sage soap bars are made using a cold processed method which naturally produces glycerin, the ingredient that locks in moisture.

Body Balm

Frankincense and shea butter body balm is highly recommended if you like a thick creamy butter to massage into your body.

Two oils are used, almond and grape seed, both are high in good fatty acids essential to combat dry skin.

Perfect for all skin types the balm is easily absorbed in to your skin leaving you soft and glowing without leaving an oily residue.

Lip Balm

This rose tinted balm is perfect for lips that need a little extra care. Packed full of Shea butter + Beeswax, giving serious moisture to lips including protection from the elements.

Favourite natural ingredient

Apricot kernel oil works wonders for dry, damaged skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it a potent healing oil that also locks in the skin's moisture.

Balancing Scrub

The incredible balancing salt scrub is made using pure Himalayan and Epsom salts to create an all natural scrub.

Often people make the mistake of using scrubs far too often, you only need to do this a few times a week at the very most.

Using a scrub too often can sometimes upset your skin leaving it dry and stripped of natural oils.