Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Bar, Itchy Scalp


  • I’m hand made in the UK.
  • Using 100% renewable energy.
  • I’m the equivalent to 2 liquid bottles of shampoo.
  • I am chemical free and all natural.
  • No palm oil.
  • I’m Vegan.
  • I come 100% plastic free including my packaging.
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Natural shampoo bars are one of the best swaps to reduce your plastic waste. There is no transition phase with these shampoo bars so no need to do an acid rinse. They are vegan, using only natural, sustainable ingredients.

The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner solid bar has been specially formulated for people with itchy scalps. It is ideal for anyone who has had previous issues with the ‘transition period’ – there isn’t one! I have used bars before that have stripped out the colour of my hair, something solid bars don’t do. They also lather more like a liquid shampoo.

Think about how many bottles you and your family get through a year. More often than not the bottles come in plastic that is not recyclable, destined to live in a landfill for hundreds of years.

Top tip – Section your hair so you have more access to your scalp and do not miss parts.

My top rated ingredients and benefits,

Organic Jojoba Oil: a light oil that gently moisturises and helps to increase the hair strength.


About Zero Waste Path
Zero Waste Path belongs to Bianca and Giulio, after reading an article both committed to leading a more sustainable life and making better choices. This led to the couple experimenting and making their own products, the more they made, the more they learnt about ingredients and processes. ZWP was born in February 2018.

What I love about ZWP is they do not outsource anything, everything is done at their work shop. Meaning they have direct control over every aspect of their business. All product are handmade in Cambridge, UK.


Lather the bar with warm water using both hands, create a lather and massage into your scalp. If you have medium to long hair it’s a good idea to section your hair. Rinse well.


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI): gentle coconut-based surfactant, it washes and creates bubbles!

Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB): gentle coconut-based co-surfactant (to make it even gentler and bubblier!) that helps to create a harder and long-lasting bar

Hydrolysed Quinoa Protein: increases compatibility and softness, helps with colour retention

Organic Jojoba Oil: a light oil that gently moisturises and helps to increase the hair strength

Vitamin Pro B5: helps to deeply hydrate the hair

Eco preservative (Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid): fundamental to extend the shelf life of acid and neutral-PH products



Packaging: 100% recycled, unbleached cardboard. Recyclable and/or compostable.