Christmas Red Robin Wrapping Paper


  • Beautiful unique design.
  • Thick 100gsm uncoated paper.
  • Non toxic Vegetable ink.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Designed, produced & printed in the UK
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 Did you know shoppers in the UK will use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper year. On average each household will get through four rolls of wrapping paper.

Because most wrapping paper has been dyed or laminated often using glitter and plastics that cannot be recycled.

Re-Wrapped is a beautiful quality wrapping paper with matching swing tags, made from 100% recycled paper which has not been bleached.

Printed using environmentally friendly vegetable based inks meaning all products can be fully recycled and are 100% compostable.

Thick 100gsm uncoated paper giving that high quality feel to any present, printed on 50cm x 70cm sheets.

Designed by UK Designers and all produced and printed in the UK. 


 Re-wrapped was founded in 2011 and specialises in designing and producing a range of top quality wrapping paper and other products, made solely from 100% recycled paper.

The idea for Re-wrapped started when we wanted some high quality recycled paper to wrap a few presents for friends and family and realised how hard it was to find.

So we decided to create some designs of our own, source some high quality recycled paper and find a printer who had the same environmental beliefs as us.

And Re-wrapped was born!