Coconut Dish Washing Bar


  • 200g.
  • I’m 100% plastic free including my packaging.
  • 1 tree planted for every bar sold.
  • Natural and free from palm oil, SLS, phosphates & preservatives.
  • Switch to me and we will save tonnes of plastic bottles reaching landfill.
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Did you know 80% of washing up liquid is water?

This creates huge CO2 emissions when in transportation, not to mention the harm it does to us and wildlife.

A statement made by Greenpeace explains Fairy liquid may contain hormone disrupting artificial musks which are potential carcinogens and reproductive toxins.

P&G (owners of Fairy liquid) refuse to answer this simple question. In the absence of official data always presume yes as a precaution.

Have you thought about switching to a washing up bar?

This little bar of goodness is an all natural washing block made with organic coconuts. It’s unscented and free from SLS, palm oil, phosphates and preservatives!

Each bar will last you roughly 2 months however this is all dependant on the amount of washing up you do.

Personally I would use a 500ml bottle of washing up liquid every week, that’s a whopping 52 bottles per year!

Just think if 10% of the UK population switched to a washing up bar the amount of plastic (and money) we would save!


Meet Rishi and Pawan, the Co Founders of Zero Waste Club. The two friends wanted to create beautiful, eco products whilst being ethical and transparent. Many of the materials they use, like moso bamboo originates from China. This is also where the factories are that produce their products, they ensure that all staff are paid above the minimum wage and no plastics are used in production.


Stainless steel.


100% plastic free.