Cellulose Sponge

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If you are looking to switch to a natural cellulose sponge to replace your plastic sponge, look no further. Our Happy Husk cellulose sponges are an absolute game changer for anyone starting their zero waste journey.

Gentle on surfaces and non scratch, they really are perfect for washing up.

Made from cellulose which is a wood pulp. These sponges are 100% plastic free and will naturally biodegrade either in your compost or waste, leaving no trace on our planet and ending up in in landfill.

Cellulose is a natural material, if you lose fibres whilst washing up they will not harm wildlife if they enter our water systems unlike plastic sponges that create microplastics.


We are really excited to be stocking Happy Husks natural cleaning products, like us they are a small business trying to make a positive difference on the environment we live in.

Naz and Madel are a husband and wife duo, who met whilst working in Singapore nearly 10 years ago behind Happy Husks.

After having their little one and enduring endless washing up sessions they had a moment whilst holding that plastic green topped scourer we are all so familiar with.

Realising they wanted to create an alternative that was 100% plastic free containing only natural material they started their journey. 14 months later and multiple prototypes later they got the products they were proud of.