Bamboo Smudge Brush


  • Vegan friendly make up brushes.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Sustainable bamboo.
  • PETA certified.
  • Recycled aluminium.
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Known as the smudge brush or pencil brush, this little beauty has multi uses. The structured bristles are lovely and soft yet firm enough for precision eye work. The softness also helps to diffuse products like eyeshadow and liner.

This is a must brush for anyone who loves a smokey eye, applying concealer under your brow arch and adding a touch of highlighter to the inside corner of your eyes. If that wasn’t enough try using it to apply your lipstick, I guarantee you’ll be impressed!



About Flawless

Make up is not my strong point but these make up brushes make my morning routine so much easier! I came across the Flawless brand about a year ago.

They launched in 2016 when the founder was on the hunt for some new make up brushes, her 3 main priorities were to find a brand that reached a professional standard, were affordable and cruelty free. This proved a challenge with most brands offering 2 factors but never all 3!

Flawless promise always offer their customers high quality, hand crafted products but never compromising on our natural environment and never using anything animal related in any products!


Bamboo handle, fully compostable and biodegradable.

Ferrules made from recyclable aluminium.

Vegan friendly synthetic bristles, must be disposed of separately.


Package free.