Bamboo Cutlery Utensils

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Bamboo cooking utensils by Zero Waste Club designed to be the perfect partner in a zero waste kitchen.

Made using sustainably grown bamboo without any coating or varnish. Only natural oils like olive are used to coat the bamboo utensils. By using this method they can be composted and will naturally breakdown at the end of their life.

A simple minimal design, each set includes a cooking spoon, a slated spoon (ideal for picking up food from liquid) and a spatula (ideal for flipping or turning food). The bamboo material will not scratch making them ideal to use on all pots and pans.



Meet Rishi and Pawan, the Co Founders of Zero Waste Club. The two friends wanted to create beautiful, eco products whilst being ethical and transparent. Many of the materials they use, like moso bamboo originates from China. This is also where the factories are that produce their products, they ensure that all staff are paid above the minimum wage and no plastics are used in production.


Bamboo and cardboard packaging sleeve. Twine to attach the product to the packaging.