The Benefits of Eco Friendly Baby Products

The Benefits of Eco Friendly Baby Products

The Benefits of Eco Friendly Baby Products

Motherhood is most certainly one of the most rewarding yet stressful jobs out there and here at Midz Plastic Free, we want to provide you with some information to help put your mind at ease. 

For many first-time mums, the whole process of becoming a mother can seem really daunting and as the due date looms closer the pressure is rapidly piling on. Although throughout your pregnancy you may have gone through different stages such as the feeling of being stressed and scared of becoming a mother or the overwhelming feeling which takes over when you remind yourself you are bringing your very own mini me into the world. As mothers, it is only natural for us to worry about our children, and there is no denying that this worry won’t be going away anytime soon. As a mother myself, I wanted to provide you with the perfect solution for your baby products.

 You may currently be in the process of making a conscious effort to help save our planet, first you have conquered the plastic free food shop and next you’re onto getting rid of all plastic products in your household. Why stop here? Most baby products such as bottles, wipes, nappies and dummies are extremely essential when having a newborn but they have a huge impact on the environment. Therefore we have introduced environmentally friendly products to help you make an eco conscious effort when raising your children. 

 Here at Midz Plastic Free we have recently released a brand new range, ‘Mini Midz’ to help all you parents out there find the ideal plastic free alternatives. This range includes amazing products such as eco friendly baby products such as bottles, plastic free dummies, bamboo plates and cutlery, bibs, teethers and many more beautiful products to help you raise your children in an eco friendly environment.  

  • Here are the Benefits of Purchasing our Eco Friendly Baby Products

Plastic Free Baby Bottles

 Did you know that some types of plastic baby bottles contain a potentially harmful toxin which is highly detrimental to your babies health? This is why many parents are making the conscious effort to buy eco-friendly products and glass bottles for their new-born’s. Here at Midz Plastic Free we have recently released a glass baby bottle, perfect for your children. Take this opportunity to check out our plastic free bottles. 

Bamboo Baby Products

 You may have recently become a new parent and you’re looking for the best products for your baby. Our bamboo range will provide you with all of the answers which you’ve been looking for. Our aim is to spread eco friendly products across every aspect of your life and we believe we have the products which you are looking for. Our bamboo products range from plates and bowls to toothbrushes, teethers and rattles. We are all on a journey to saving our planet, why not join us with raising mini eco worries too.

Children’s Toys

 For many people, cutting out plastic products may seem easy. More often than not, people start off by being selective with their food shopping and over time they will begin to implement small changes in order to make a significant difference. Your Household may currently be plastic free but finding eco friendly toys for your children to play with is extremely hard. The majority of children toys are not only made from plastic, but they are coated in layers of plastic packaging. Therefore, we have come up with the ideal products for your children to play with. Here at Midz Plastic Free, our latest Mini Midz range consists of eco friendly toys, the perfect gift for your little ones. For more information, check out our range here.


We can all help make a difference if we do our part and implement eco friendly habits throughout our day to day lives. If you are looking to make the shift into a plastic free lifestyle, we have the perfect eco friendly baby products for you, shop now!

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