Plastic Free Skincare Review

Plastic Free Skincare Review

Plastic Free Skincare Review

Cleansing Cream

This neat little aluminium pump bottle looks far more expensive than it actually is. It contains 100ml of lavender and apricot glycolic cleansing cream which has the most delightful scent. Although lavender can often be seen as the ‘Marmite’ of the scent world and is often either loved or completely avoided, blending it with apricot makes a very appealing, pleasant fragrance. It has that clean and creamy smell but is not too floral or overpowering. A gentle push of the pump dispenses just the right amount of cleansing cream, which is quite thick in consistency, not dissimilar to toothpaste consistency if we are being specific, so a little goes a very long way.

If you are reading this for beauty tips, I suggest you look away now as I am quite lazy with my cleansing routine! I just massage the cleansing cream gently over my face in upward strokes and after a moment or two, rinse and wipe off using a round dampened with cold water (more on those rounds later) continuing the upward motion. There is probably a more technical description of this, and I’ll lay money on there being a more professional way to do it too, but as I am lucky enough to still receive regular ‘good skin’ compliments, it doesn’t appear to be ‘broke’ so I’m not going to fix it! I’ll admit I tend to go with the theory of hopefully defying gravity by going ‘upwards’ and hoping for the best! Luckily, this seems to work and I will say that since using this, my skin is fresh and glowing. All the grime and grease of the day, is removed easily, leaving an immediately smooth feeling without the harsh ‘stripped’ feeling many cleansers result in. It is recommended for use 1-2 times a week and I think this is perfect, particularly if you are using any other products in the range, as they are all very concentrated.

This little pot of magic is totally free from anything synthetic or derived from animals. Natural ingredients such as essential oils, base butters and waxes are used instead of the parabens and silicones and artificial fragrances and colours found in so many of the high street brands. Our skin absorbs up to 60% of these chemicals, which then come in direct contact with our bloodstream, and many well known brands include Triclosan, known for links to eye and skin irritation (the irony) and hormone disruption; parabens, which many studies have indicated has strong links to tumours and adverse side effects on health, in particular women’s health; and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which although used in many everyday toiletries and cosmetics, can also be found in floor cleaners and engine degreasers. Say what now?!!! So yes, the list of nasties is endless and makes me feel rather reassured that nothing I now apply to my face can ever be found in a car engine or cleaning cupboard.

Although it is not advertised as such, I would go as far to say that this cleanser actually also leaves my skin feeling moisturised, although in all honesty, moisturising is not a step even a lazy lass like me will skip! However, if you did forget to do so, I don’t think it would do any harm, as this is feels more luxurious than other cleansers I have sampled. Ssshhh, don’t tell the beauty experts! 

Day Cream

Sustainable, re-useable cute bamboo tub? Check! Absolutely gorgeous scent of rosehip and camelia? Check! (I think it’s only right to add here that I have no clue what a camelia is or is supposed to smell like, but combined with rosehip it works well) Lack of artificial fragrances, colours, petrochemicals and parabens? MASSIVE check! Yes I’m feeling rather smug right now, allow me.


This had a silky consistency and felt lovely when applied liberally to my face and neck. It was non-greasy and absorbed well. There was none of the clogged pore feeling that thicker consistency creams often leave, with this one my skin felt like it was still able to ‘breathe.’

Being make-up free 95% of the time and lazy 100% of the time, makes me very aware of products that do give my skin a bit of a glow. For context, I am mixed race with olive skin and my skin tone varies hugely throughout the year, feeling gloriously healthy during the brighter months and less so during the Winter. My skin, although reasonably ‘good’ (what even is that term, skin is skin, but everyone is familiar with the phrase ‘good skin’ so please humour me here) can look a little dull or uneven when there has been a lack of sunshine. This product does just that. Although it has no claims to brighten or even out a complexion, it does actually seem to do so, and my skin has felt and looked refreshed and hydrated on a daily basis, and the darkness I am prone to around my eye area has noticeably improved.

Calming Cream

This cream comes in the signature bamboo screw top tub which is fully plastic free and can be recycled or reused. The rosehip and coconut smells delightful and is a firm, very concentrated consistency. It was applied with a little spatula so the natural oils from my fingertips did not contaminate the tub. This application method also means that after a few months I am barely making a dent in the amount, so definitely value for money. In fact, if anything, I am slightly concerned if I will actually use it all before the Best Before date of 12 months after opening as so little is needed! In all honesty, this is quite a nice ‘problem’ to have and makes me feel as if I am definitely getting value for money!

Anyway, I digress. This cream is nothing short of amazing. This is no exaggeration. It absorbs easily and immediately leaves it bright and glowing. Despite my relatively ‘good’ skin, there is a certain week of the month (hello, hormones) where my chin is prone to the odd breakout and with one spot in particular that craves attention and is red and throbbing. This cream reminds That Spot who is in charge, calming it down, minimising the redness and just generally soothing a problem area.

My teenage daughter is at an age (hello old friend hormones, we meet again) where annoying breakouts are not just limited to every 28 days. A few months ago, I convinced her to try using this cream. She was sceptical at first, firstly as she was had been brand loyal for years to a well-known range aimed at teenagers with ‘problem skin’ and secondly, because it was me recommending it and us Mums know nothing (as any teenager will tell you). Eventually she agreed to give this a whirl after feeling frustrated at how ineffective her old brand was. Within a few days we noticed an improvement in her T-zone area, with fair less spots on her forehead and nose. The oiliness had reduced significantly, and even the ‘angry’ red patches she had been prone to had given way to a more even skin tone. This was all from a twice a day application. Although she is far too stubborn to admit this suggestion from her Mum was right, but let’s just say the old cream from said previous well-known brand has gathered dust ever since her first application of this one. Her skin is no longer red and inflamed, which is also evident in the confidence now replacing the previous frustration she used to have with her skin. Beyond grateful to see the difference this has made to her.

Confession. After a recent particularly hot weekend, we overdid it at the beach. Despite the sun lotion vigorously applied in the morning, the day ran away with us. Numerous dips in the sea combined with not enough suncream reapplied meant that oops, we were all a tad sun and wind chapped at the end of the day. Ok, no more sugar coating…real talk…we were most definitely parched and some of us a little gammon pink. In particular, my very fair skinned daughter, who, with or without sun cream, only has to be in the sun half an hour before new freckles appear before your eyes. Mum guilt alert. Not quite burnt, but a definite tightness and tenderness all round. The calming cream soothed that feeling quickly and after an initial tingle that lasted less than a minute, we felt good as new. The following day we all reapplied the calming cream and were all pleased to report that the moisture the sunshine had sapped from us had been replaced and we had relief from the mild sun and wind soreness. In particular, the fair skinned one who would usually be itching and uncomfortable after a day in the sun. Win!

This is a magical, multi-functional cream that not only lasts forever, it has also been a day moisturiser, a healing after sun remedy, a soothing spot cream and has suited the very different age and skin types using it. There are very few creams out there with all this under their belt; and that is alongside their sustainability, excellent value and lack of icky ingredients! I am definitely converted.

Night Cream

Yet another beautiful, sustainable bamboo tub from this range. The cream has a thick consistency with a distinctive, pleasant scent of rose and orange. It feels luxurious when massaged gently into the skin and neck using upwards strokes. Due to the consistency, it takes a few moments to sink in so (look away now beauticians) I have got in the habit of applying it before brushing my teeth. This is probably not the ‘done’ thing, but hey ho. By the time I have rinsed and spat, it is fully absorbed. My skin is left shiny with an almost silky layer on top, although it is important to note this is not oily in any way!

The morning after application, skin still feels silky. Being in the over 40s club, I have started scrutinising certain areas, such as around my eyes, a little closer and can honestly say that this feels slightly plumper and hydrated when I wake up. Although not quite recreating the mini home facelift (fingertips pulling skin above eyebrows for those at the back… or under 30) it is a fabulous product that is a joy to use and has long lasting results.

Note: As with so many natural based products, I did notice the natural oils in the cream separating a little and forming a slight liquid layer on top a few months after the tub was opened. This was easily sorted with a quick stir using the spatula and did not affect the performance of the cream in any way whatsoever.

Again, this truly does offer value for money. Despite applying it generously every single night, I am not even a third of the way into the tub. I purchased it months ago! Clearly I need to be spending my night time routine with someone, so if anyone fancies giving Idris Elba (or Tom Hardy, I’m not fussy) a shout for me, then I am more than willing to share products and space at the bathroom sink…

Mini Sample Pack

Did I mention I’m a sucker for cutesy packaging? This product definitely falls into that category, a little canvas drawstring bag with 4 teeny pots of cream samples from this range. Although I say teeny, well, 5ml per pot to be precise, the beauty of this range is that even a sample size will last months as I am still barely making a dent in any of the products I bought a fair amount of time ago despite using them religiously since purchase! Ok, well, perhaps a sample won’t last months, that’s probably an exaggeration, but given how a little goes such a long way, 5ml is definitely enough to get you familiar with each product. The sizes are perfect to pop in your handbag for day to day or a holiday, and the pots are re-useable and can be refilled if you decide to take the plunge with a larger size and top up from there.

Again, all products are cruelty-free, vegan and free from any of the nasties and irritants found in so many high street brands that claim to nurture skin but actually fill it with chemicals and are linked to so many harmful side effects. Instead, the ingredients in every item in this range harness the therapeutic approach of essential oils, base oils as well as butters and waxes to moisturise and nourish us beautifully.

Take this opportunity to browse the latest products here at Midz Plastic Free.

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