Plastic Free Beauty Products

Plastic Free Beauty Products

Plastic Free Beauty Products

Here at Midz Plastic Free, we want to educate you on the significant shift you are currently making within your day to day lives. You may have started your journey by focusing on turning your food shopping plastic free but now is the perfect opportunity to branch out and try using plastic free beauty products and toiletries. We have begun to expand our latest beauty range to provide you with the perfect solutions to your brand-new plastic free life.  

It is time for you to leave all plastic bottles and packaging behind and we want to help you find the plastic free essentials helping you to change your lifestyle.  

Plastic Free Packaging 

We live in a world which is consumed with plastic everywhere we go and although you may be making the conscious effort to go completely plastic free, this can be much more difficult than you can even begin to comprehend. Beauty products are a staple product in most households and more often than not they’re sold in plastic packaging or in plastic bottles. When you’re in the process of eliminating any makeup products which contain plastic, toxic chemicals or plastic packaging, you will be surprised to find that the majority of your products contain plastic without you even realising. Therefore we have provided you with an eco-friendly solution to help you transform your beauty routine over to plastic free products. 

Plastic Free Beauty Products

Here at Midz Plastic Free we have recently expanded upon our zero waste beauty products, providing you with the best alternative goods around. At the forefront of our beauty range, we have an extensive range of skincare products as well as zero waste makeup products. The product range includes soap bars, lip balms, natural deodorants, cotton buds, shampoo bars and many more products full of natural ingredients. If this is something you are interested in purchasing, browse our latest products today.  

Bamboo Products

If you have made the initial shift from plastic products, you will find that bamboo goods acting as great alternatives for your everyday staple products. Here at Midz Plastic Free, we have a wide range of Bamboo based beauty products such as makeup brushes and soap dishes which are great substitutes for you to build into your plastic free living.    

Plastic Free Skincare

Skincare is essential in everybody’s daily routine and we have come up with the perfect solution for those of you who are making the shift over to a plastic free lifestyle. The natural body scrubs and soaps are not only a staple product for your household but they’re also the perfect gift for a loved one! The products we provide are organic, natural and cruelty free, take this opportunity to browse our latest products.  

Did you know that the United Kingdom alone generates around 2.4 Million tonnes of plastic just through plastic packaging every single year? We can all work together to help reduce this number if we all begin to make the conscious effort to buy products which aren’t sold in plastic packaging. Here at Midz Plastic Free we have a wide range of plastic free alternatives for you including bamboo products, handmade soaps and eco living products.

The majority of plastic bottles, razors, and single use items end up being thrown away, exposed to the environment or dumped in a landfill. This is your opportunity to make a difference, join us on your journey to making a difference in helping the planet. 

What have you found the most difficult about leading a plastic free lifestyle?

   The Midz Plastic Free Team

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