Unless you pack up your plastic free essentials and row your wooden boat off in to the sunset to find a desert island it’s pretty hard but probable not impossible for a few!

The problem is, plastic is everywhere.  Take a look at every room in your home for instance, you will be astounded at just how many plastic items you own.  From electronics, tell me who could live without a TV or their phone? To everyday essential items, plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, cleaning products and make up……you get my drift?

Whilst a majority of us could not live without our electronics we can make easy switches when it comes to making choices about which beauty products or household items we buy.

Over the last few years the plastic free movement has gained a vast following, gaining traction through platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As demand and awareness grows more eco, plastic free and zero waste shops are emerging both online and on High Streets, Midz Plastic Free being one of them.

The biggest impact plastic has on our global environment is plastic used for single use, items such as plastic straws, coffee cups, plastic drinking bottles and plastic bags. All of these items have a life of just minutes before being discarded and thrown away. The type of plastic used to make such products are often a mix of cheap plastic, therefore cannot be easily recycled so will ultimately end up in landfill or worse our world oceans.

It’s inexpensive and easy to swap to silicone or metal straws, a reusable coffee cup and drinking bottle. If you are partial to a fizzy drink buy your favourite tipple in a can. An aluminium can will typically be recycled and back on the shelves within 60 days! Reusing plastic bags is a better option than buying a new one every time you go shopping however why not Invest in a reusable cotton bag, they are much more hygienic as you can wash them after every shopping trip.

So, the verdict is in an ideal world it would be great to be 100% plastic free however realistically most of the population would find this impossible. Let’s start with eradicating the single use plastics and get switching our basics for plastic free alternatives – Good luck!

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