Eco Friendly Christmas: Support Local Businesses This Christmas.

Eco Friendly Christmas: Support Local Businesses This Christmas.

Eco Friendly Christmas: Support Local Businesses This Christmas.

2020 has been a year full of challenges with numerous hurdles along the way, and it is time for us all to come together to support small local businesses like our business here at Midz Plastic Free. With a year full of unimaginable events, 2020 has truly thrown an awful lot of curveballs our way. Now more than ever we need to come together to support each other through such uncertain times. This year the Christmas countdown has crept upon us and we have all come together to use this festive period to get through these last few months of 2020.

 Here at Midz Plastic Free, we want to encourage those of you who are currently doing your Christmas shopping to shop locally to help support small businesses who may be struggling throughout the festive period. Today we want to show you the importance of supporting small businesses throughout Christmas.   

 Growing an independent business during a worldwide pandemic has been challenging at times but that being said, it has been extremely rewarding and surreal to see how far the business has come in the past year. Here at Midz Plastic Free, I set out on a journey to help those around me make sustainable swaps throughout their day to day lives and now I am here with my very own plastic free business. This is quite literally a pinch-me moment and I can only thank all of my customers who have supported the business throughout such uncertain times. Our aim is to provide you with affordable plastic free alternatives to encourage you to make the shift over to a sustainable lifestyle.

 Why You Should Support Local Businesses.

 Choosing to shop locally this Christmas is important now more than ever and I am a strong believer that by shopping with local businesses you truly get great value for money. You are not only purchasing high quality products, but you are supporting the real people behind the business. This is crucial throughout such uncertain times and I want to encourage you all to come together and shop locally this Christmas.

 Throughout the lead, up to Christmas we are all so caught up in buying presents, food and organizing the big day we tend to sway towards convenience over quality when it comes to buying the food and presents. This year, the majority of us have more time on our hands than ever before so I would suggest that you take this time to shop around and find local businesses to support.


How to support local businesses.

Local businesses tend to be set up due to a gap in the market, and/or new and original ideas which they are looking to sell. You will find that when shopping with local businesses the quality of the products is second to none, you will find new products, original ideas and the perfect gifts for your loved ones. How you can support local businesses throughout the festive period is down to you. Shop locally for as many things as possible, you have the chance to make a difference to the businesses local to you. If you are looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, take this opportunity to browse our website and support local businesses. Lets all come together and have an Eco Friendly Christmas this year!

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