Christmas 2020: Eco Friendly Hacks

Christmas 2020: Eco Friendly Hacks

Christmas 2020: Eco Friendly Hacks

Is it just me who’s really enjoyed bringing forward the Christmas countdown this year? 2020 has definitely been a year to remember and I have found that people have discovered comfort in putting up the Christmas decorations just that little bit earlier. Don’t be ashamed to say it, but who has already started putting up the Christmas decorations?

Christmas is all about the traditions, magic and family time and although this year may be different from any before, I certainly will be making the most of it. If this year has taught me one thing, it is to cherish my loved ones more than ever. I have a very young family, so Christmas is all about magic, presents and creating new traditions. I want to give you some life hacks to help your Christmas be eco-friendly with very minimal changes.

Christmas is undoubtedly the most magical time of year, filled with decorations, presents, food and traditions. These are also highly damaging to our planet and we want to give you some eco-friendly alternatives to help make a difference. From the deforestation caused by the tradition of the perfect Christmas tree to the crackers, wrapping paper and presents. Our Christmases are full of plastic everywhere we go and if we all made the subconscious effort to make small changes, this would be amazing. This doesn’t mean that you should feel guilty for all of your Christmas traditions, we want to inspire you to make a change. Here at Midz Plastic Free, we have hundreds of eco friendly products for you to use as a replacement of harmful plastic products.

Christmas Trees

Did you know that 8 Million trees are cut down every single year for Christmas trees in homes all across the UK? This significant figure needs to change if you want to help save our planet and if we all do our part, we can all be part of making the change. This figure might sway you towards an artificial tree, but unfortunately, these are far worse for our planet. This has been a debate across the decades due to the fact that both trees are harmful to our environment. But overall, real Christmas trees will decompose when thrown out, therefore this put them marginally ahead of artificial trees. To help make a difference, we would recommend purchasing an eco-friendly tree which will ensure that the provider is sourcing the trees from local forests to reduce the air miles involved. Further to this, we recommend that you recycle your tree once all of the festivities have died down. This is a great way for you to make a small difference.

Zero Waste Wrapping

Gift wrapping is not only highly harmful to our planet, but it is also a massive chore when the Christmas festivities come around. Here at Midz Plastic Free, we have supplied you with the eco friendly answer you’ve been looking for. Zero Waste wrapping paper will not only change your life but will also help to save our planet. Did you know that throughout the Christmas period, 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is used in the UK alone? Our Zero Waste gift wrapping is made of recycled fabric to help make a small change to saving our planet. We have the perfect plastic free products for you to choose from to make your Christmas eco friendly this year.

Shop Local

Now more than ever, it is so important that we support local businesses, not only will this help them, but it will also be beneficial to our planet. If you aren’t travelling far to the shops, this will leave less of a carbon footprint behind. Instead of shipping your presents across the world, we suggest that you shop closer to home. Help support local business and make small changes like this to your Christmas this year.

Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards to your nearest and dearest through the festive season is a tradition which has been going on for years. If you’re looking to make a small change, we suggest that you buy eco friendly cards. You can reduce your waste by buying cards which come without any plastic wrapping or cards made from recycled paper. This is a great way to implement eco friendly living through this Christmas. In addition, if you are looking for plastic free presents, check out our Christmas range and explore the environmentally friendly alternatives we have for you.

Zero Waste Food Shopping

Throughout the Christmas period, we all find ourselves overeating and cooking far more food than we could ever imagine. If you are heading out to do the Christmas food shopping, be prepared to do a zero waste shop. Similarly, we would suggest that you go to local shops to help support the businesses near you. Bulk buy your favourite snack and be prepared this Christmas!

For more eco-friendly tips and tricks, take time to read our most recent blog posts. We want to help make a change to our planet, let’s all support each other along our journey to plastic free living.

Have you got any Eco Friendly Christmas Hacks to share?

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