5 Ways to have an Eco Friendly Christmas

5 Ways to have an Eco Friendly Christmas

5 Ways to have an Eco Friendly Christmas

The countdown is on and Christmas is fast approaching, here at Midz Plastic Free we want to give you some top tips for making some environmentally friendly changes over the Christmas period. After such an eventful year, it seems as though the Christmas countdown has been brought forward to help uplift the majority of us through such hard times. Making small changes is a great start to making a difference and we want to help you embrace the Christmas magic with your family this year. We want to encourage you to have a sustainable christmas full of magic and joy. 


We have recently just launched our very own eco friendly Christmas collection, perfect for you eco warriors through the festive times. Our products include the perfect gift sets for adults and children, gift cards and plastic free wrapping and tape. We are all on this journey together, therefore this has inspired us to give you the solutions you’ve been looking for.


  1. Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Did you know that household waste increases by at least 25% over the festive season and the majority of the time, the wrapping paper and packaging is highly damaging to our planet? This does not mean that we suggest that you don’t use wrapping paper, After All this would take away the anticipation and excitement of opening the presents on Christmas day. Here at Midz Plastic Free, we have provided you with the eco-friendly answers you’ve been looking for. Take this opportunity to check out our 100% recyclable wrapping paper, perfect for you this Christmas. Even small swaps such as reusing old gift bags you have collected over the years, small changes are the start of making a huge difference to our planet.


  1. Send Eco Friendly Cards

A huge tradition at Christmas time is to send festive cards to your friends and family to help spread the Christmas love and cheer. This is such a wonderful tradition which sadly has been lost in recent years, did you know that a quarter of us no longer write cards anymore? If you are part of the majority of people who send Christmas cards, start by looking for eco friendly cards, ones which can easily be recycled.


  1. Buy your food from the right place.

A huge element of Christmas celebrations revolves solely around food and drink. The Christmas dinner is a staple piece of the festive traditions and we want to encourage you to continue with your plastic free food swaps. Now more than ever, it is so important to support local businesses and you can take this opportunity to get your food from local shops to help support the small businesses.


  1. Reduce your food waste.

On the contrary, it is so important that you make sure that you are buying the correct amount of food throughout the festive period. For many, Christmas is a great opportunity to eat as much as you want and not feel guilty for it. Throughout the year, we are more mindful regarding the food we are consuming and the amount of waste we are conducting. We all need to come together and stop being so wasteful over the Christmas period.


  1. Eco Friendly Decorations.

Christmas decorations consist of beautiful ornaments which are brought out for 1 month of the year and then carefully packed away in the new year for hibernation. These ornaments can be family heirlooms which are passed down through every generation emerging year after year. If you are looking to add to your collection, be wise with your choice and go for decorations which will last for years whilst being a credit to your Christmas collection. If you are on the hunt for the perfect eco friendly products, here at Midz Plastic Free we have the alternatives you’ve been looking for. 


Christmas is the most wonderful time of year and if you are already preparing for the festivities, we want to encourage you to join us on our eco friendly journey. Take this opportunity to shop out the latest eco friendly Christmas products here at Midz Plastic Free. 

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